Company Profile:

A creator of fiber cement products

Services Provided:

Google Ads + LinkedIn Ads, Geo-Fencing Programmatic Advertising, Web Analytics

The Problem:

  • limited outbound marketing strategy
  • limited analytics, i.e. no coherent link tracking and reporting set up for digital advertising

The Solution:

  • optimization of Google account to implement Google Tag Manager and tie in Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics + Google Ads
  • creation and active management of Google Ads account
  • creation and active management of LinkedIn Ads, including a lead gen campaign
  • creation of Google Analytics goals, imported into Google Ads


  • 8,718 website visits from nationwide Google Ads campaign including video, display, and search ad formats
  • 576 website visits + 25 high-quality leads from nationwide LinkedIn Ads campaign
  • 550 retargeting website visits from geo-fence ad campaign targeting AIA conference attendees

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