It's pronounced "LEE-MA" ...just like the capital of Peru 🙂
LI+MA™ is our proprietary B2B Client Acquisition Program.

We combine the reach of LinkedIn (LI) with the power of Marketing Automation (MA).

The result? You start receiving consistent leads from your most relevant prospects
in just 10 days!

Stop Chasing Leads!
Start Building a Sustainable Pipeline of Relevant New Business

We achieve predictable results for you by using our proven layered outreach approach...designed to deliver a consistent and reliable flow of the exact type of new prospects you want to target.

This is truly a custom-built business development pipeline based on your ideal clients.

It is a modular program designed to scale up and down to meet the needs of your business, budget, target audience, sales cycle, and your prospects' response rates.

The LI+MA™ program consists of the following modules designed to stack together for maximum results:

Module 1LinkedIn

Targeted Lead Generation on the LinkedIn Platform

We combine our data-centric approach with your experience and goals to define your campaign's target audience.

We then implement cutting-edge tactics for refining your audience and initiating outreach to grow your prospect list and generate business leads.

This module includes:

  • Personalized strategic planning session to understand your target audience, define their characteristics and set outreach criteria.
  • Creation and/or optimization of your LinkedIn profile to best attract your desired connections.
  • LinkedIn outreach campaign to identify, invite and engage your target audience.
  • Client initiated appointment system to help engage targeted prospects.
Module 2Email
Module 3Content
Module 4Remarketing

We Custom Build a Business Development Pipeline
Based on Your Ideal Clients

Whether you love working with retailers, franchisees, financial companies, healthcare providers, or any other company in any industry, we will target the decision makers of your most relevant prospects and get them in touch with you.

So, How Does It Work?

First, we start by working with you to determine your ideal clients to target.

Second, we create a campaign to target only the clients you actually want to work with.

Third, we use a layered outreach system to turn these cold contacts into warm leads.

Finally, we get them to schedule a call with you on your calendar.

Imagine how your business development 
will be different when you are getting a 
consistent, predictable number 
of weekly sales appointments 

added directly to your calendar from 
interested, qualified prospects in the 
business categories you already know you 
want to work with!

Schedule a Discovery Call

with our team now to learn how you can start seeing consistent
leads from your most relevant prospects in just 10 days!


Learn More

The best way to learn more about the 
LI+MA™ B2B Client Acquisition Program and 
how it could work to predictably grow your 
business is to book a Discovery Call with 
us to discuss your goals for growth!

Schedule a Discovery Call with our team 
now to learn how you can start seeing 
consistent leads from your most relevant 
prospects in just 10 days!


Chasing Clients

Stop Chasing Clients and
Start Building a Sustainable Pipeline of
New Business for Your Company. 
Let Our LI+MA™ Customer Acquisition 
Program Build a Custom Business 
Development Pipeline of Qualified New 
Leads to Grow Your Business.


Create a New
Business Pipeline

Create a New Business Pipeline
With Our Proven Biz Dev System.


Start Getting
Your Best Leads

Start Getting Your Best Leads
Added Directly to Your Calendar.
With Our LI+MA™ B2B Client Acquisition 
Program, You Don't Just Get New 
Business Leads, You Get a Pipeline of 
New Clients That are Relevant to Your Business.


Target Your Most Relevant

Target Your Most Relevant Prospects!
We Help Define Your Ideal Client.

Ready to Build Your
New Client Pipeline?

Schedule a Discovery Call With Our 
Team Now to Learn How You Can  
Start Seeing Consistent Leads From 
Your Most Relevant Prospects in 
Just 10 Days!




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