At its core, LI+MA, our B2B Customer Acquisition Program, is designed to help you close more deals by getting your most qualified and ideal prospects to schedule a call with you.

How do we do this?

Simply put, by getting the right message to the right people.

Our strategy is simple, and it consists of two steps:



We will guide you to micro-target your audience by narrowly defining a niche of customers for whom your business will be exceptionally able to provide value. You want your business to be seen as the precise tool for a specific job. This ensures that we target the right people.



When you know who you are talking to, it becomes much simpler to know what you are going to talk to them about. By targeting narrowly, you are able to go deeper into what needs this customer has, what pain they are experiencing, and how you can specifically address those needs. We will work with you to create the right messaging, content, and sales pieces, and then build them into a rapid-fire sequence.

Our experience has shown us that there is an appropriate sequence and rhythm for reaching, retargeting, and following-up-to-close with your target audience. Building an automated business development system that keeps your business in front of your target audience with multiple impressions over a brief period of time creates a familiarity for prospects that effortlessly lifts you from being a “cold contact making an outbound call” to being a familiar company that already is valued for your expertise. And that changes everything.


So, let’s get started!

You can complete the workbook online by completing the information on this page and hitting the submit button below, or you can print out the workbook and complete it offline, scan and email it back to us. For the offline option, click here to print out the PDF version of the Workbook.

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    Our goal is to work as efficiently as possible to put into place the pieces of the LI+MA program that will work for your business. To do that, we’ve learned we need to know what you do and why you do it. Please answer the questions below to help us attain this goal.


    We use the following formula to determine the strategy statement for your business’s brand: The point where your “Target Audience” (TA) intersects with your business’s “Area of Expertise” (XP) and your “Motivations for What You Do” (WHY?) determines your business’s “Brand Strategy.”

    As a math problem, it might look like this:


    TA: TARGET AUDIENCE - Who are the people that are most important to your business? Who are the people that benefit from it, but also, who are the people your business relies on most for profitability, growth, feedback and new ideas? Does this audience differ by product or project?

    XP: EXPERTISE - What makes your business special? What makes your business exceptional? What is the unique selling proposition of your business that makes it stand out from competitors? What does your company do that no other business is doing right now or doing as well?

    WHY?: MOTIVATION - What is your business’s reason for being? What is the first thing your people think about in the morning? What is the problem they’re solving that keeps them up at night? Why do you do what you do?

    Example of Completed Brand Strategy Statement Worksheet:

    TA - The ideal client for The Bank’s Agency is a business that values the big picture marketing strategy and award-winning creative execution they would expect from a big agency, but seeks out the personal, affordable, client-centric touch of a smaller shop.

    The specific client most important to The Bank’s Agency for this campaign is the small, corporate, state, or regional bank that needs a results-oriented, but distinctly branded new customer campaign as well as a brand refresh or total overhaul.

    XP - Since 2010, The Bank’s Agency focuses on helping each client build its brand and grow its business by providing personal, affordable, and client-centric marketing strategy and creative execution. The Bank’s Agency delivers on client needs by applying its senior team’s business acumen to create memorable solutions that deliver on the client’s objectives, values, and long-term growth goals.

    The Bank’s Agency has proven it can create client success in any industry or category, but has particularly distinguished itself as a solution for corporate, state, and regional banks by providing them world-class Fortune 100 and “big agency” strategy and execution with a personal touch at an affordable price.

    WHY? - The Bank’s Agency exists to help its clients build their brands and grow their businesses. It strives to deliver a fresh perspective that converts challenges into opportunities for each client’s situation through a systematic approach, knowledge-based direction, and results-focused creative.

    STATEMENT OF BRAND STRATEGY - The Bank’s Agency builds brands and grows business for its clients using Fortune 100 and “Big Agency” methodology delivered with the personal, affordable, client-focused approach of a small agency.

    Once you have determined your Statement of Brand Strategy, we can really hone in on a few essentials of your brand to develop our campaign.

    The answers to the next questions may already exist for your business, but, done correctly, they should mesh completely with the Statement of Brand Strategy you determined above.

    Otherwise, it might be necessary to revisit them, at least for the creation of this campaign.

    BRAND PROMISE - What is the experience your business commits to deliver to your clients?

    BRAND PERSONALITY - If your brand were a person, what clear, visible personality traits would define the way it is and the way it interacts with its clients?

    BRAND TAGLINE - What is the succinct, memorable, and descriptive line that summarizes your brand strategy, promise, and personality?


    Think through who the people are that your business is the most qualified to help. Hold in your mind the kind of customer you want to work with the most and answer the following questions:


    1. Do you want to focus on businesses headquartered in a specific state, region, or country?

    2. What industry, segment, or vertical best describes your target customer?

    3. What is the employee headcount of your target customer? (mark all that apply)


    4. What is the seniority level of your preferred decision maker? (mark all that apply)

    CXODirectorPartner/Owner/FounderManagerVPAll Senior Level Title

    5. What is the title or function of your preferred decision maker?

    6. What would be some example companies (by name) that would be your target customer?

    7. What terms should be excluded from our search? (“Agency,” “Consultant,” “Retired”)

    8. Is there anything else we should know about your target customer?


    At this point we should be very clear on who we are talking to. Now we determine what we are going to say. These questions should be answered by again holding in your mind the kind of client you want to work with the most! Think of your ideal audience from above and answer the following questions:

    My Ideal Client’s #1 Pain Point is:

    My Ideal Client’s #2 Pain Point is:

    My Ideal Client’s #3 Pain Point is:

    Even if your ideal client has more than three top pain points, let’s stop there and work on your messaging.

    The formula looks like this:

    My company helps (Target Audience from Step 1) to solve their (Each of their Top 3 Pain Points) by providing (Your Solution to Each Pain Point).

    Example 1: My organization helps companies with an upcoming trade show to solve their need for a leading-edge exhibit before an upcoming trade show by providing expert trade show design with lightning fast execution.

    Example 2: My company helps small business owners around Washington, DC to solve their need for local outdoor media placement by providing pay-per-impression digital billboard advertising.

    Example 3: My business helps dental practice owners to solve their need for secure data management by providing a software system that is backup to the cloud and ties in frontend and backend operations.

    From this Pain Point and Solution Statement, we are going to craft your Offer Statement by simply inverting the statement above into a question and answer format, like this:

    Does your business experience Pain Point from Above?

    We can provide Solution to Your Pain Point Above!

    Example 1: Does your business need a leading-edge exhibit designed fast?

    We can provide expert trade show design with lightning fast execution!

    Example 2: Does your business need billboard placement in the DC area?
    We can provide digital billboard placement at the lowest cost for you!

    Example 3: Does your business need predictable client growth?
    We can provide a marketing system that delivers only your ideal clients!

    Please post your finalized Offer Statements below for us to begin working on the rest of your Messaging Campaign.

    Pain Point #1: Does your business experience

    We can provide

    Pain Point #2: Does your business experience

    We can provide

    Pain Point #3: Does your business experience

    We can provide

    That’s it!

    The hard part is over.

    Simply hit the Submit button below and let’s move on to the next step: scheduling our Kick-off Call to get you ready for Launch!


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